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World in a Drop

Photographic Explorations of Microbial Life

Harvard Museum of Natural History

This exhibition ran from August 2017 through January 2018. 

See some photographs of the exhibition. 

Read "Invisible world comes to light" at the Harvard Gazette

Scale: A Matter of Perspective

An exhibition at The Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments

Open in the Science Center from March 10, 2017 through December 8, 2017

Read an article at the Harvard Gazette: "Scale tells the story of how, and what, we measure"

Public Displays 

Mural for Microbial Life exhibition outside the Harvard Science Center, March 2017 -

Scott Chimileski Science Center Microbial Life No  1

Shipping container art at Ginkgo Biowork's exhibit, Government Center, Boston, HUB WEEK 2017

The photograph shows Streptomyces  bacteria dyeing fabric

SC_HUB WEEK (2 of 2)
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