I have presented lectures and led workshops for public and scientific audiences across the United States and abroad. Among the highlights were public lectures at the Harvard Museum of Natural History, when Roberto Kolter and I launched our book and  museum exhibitions (pictured above). During one of those lectures I projected a live tardigrade from a microscope setup on stage. I also gave a keynote  lecture at the University of Oxford Museum of Natural History when the Bacterial World exhibition opened to the public, and was hosted at Caltech for  special events including a public discussion on Art and Science moderated by Dianne Newman and Physicist Sean Carroll.  I presented a public lecture at Parque Explora, the most visited science center in Colombia, that was live-translated in Spanish. 

I am always open to speaking engagements about the Wonders of the Microbial World, microbial photography, the connection between art and science, science communication, and my specific research fields. Feel free to contact me through this website if you have an event in mind.


> Presentation for the MicroEco group at the MBL, 3/30/2023

> Seminar at the Forsyth Institute, Cambridge, MA, 4/27/2023

Invited Public Lectures and Educational Programs

> UW Madison Arboretum, Winter Enrichment Lecture, Life at the Edge of Sight, 2/23/2023

> Speaker at the New Zealand Microbiological Society Conference, 11/2019

> Fall Lyceum series, Hidden in Plain Sight at the Whallonsburg Grange Hall in Essex, NY: The Secret World of Microbes, 10/8/2019

> Westborough Community Land Trust Annual Meeting, Westborough MA, 6/17/2019

> Boston Bacterial Meeting - Breakout Session on Science Communication and Tour of Microbial Life Exhibition, Cambridge, MA, 6/7/2019

> University of Connecticut,  Special seminar for the Microbiology Club, 4/3/2019

> Caltech, Visual Culture Program,  Public Discussion with Landon Ross, mediated by Physicist Sean Carroll and Dianne Newman: Do Art and Science Share a Common Foundation? Pasadena, CA, 2/26/2019

>  Caltech, Visual Culture Program, Public Lecture: Life at the Edge of Sight: A Photographic Exploration of the Microbial World, Pasadena, CA, 2/25/2019

> LongNow Boston, Reimagining the Microbial World, w/ Roberto Kolter, 2/4/2019

> Family workshop: Invisible Life: Exploring the World through Microscopes, Harvard Museum of Natural History, Cambridge, MA, 12/8/2018

> UMass Dartmouth, Imaging microbial activity through a macro lens, 11/2/2018

> Pathfinder Course, Speaker on Science Communication, Harvard Medical School, 10/24/2019

> University of Oxford Museum of Natural History, Wonders of the Microbial World, Opening of Bacterial Worlds Exhibition, with Roberto Kolter, Oxford, UK, 10/19/2018

> The Eden Project,  Workshop and public lecture, with Roberto Kolter, Cornwall, UK, 10/18/2018

> Cape Cod Museum of Art, ARTfull Thursday Talk, Dennis, MA, 10/11/2018

    An article about my talk at the Cape Cod Museum

>  Harvard Medical School, Countway Library Author Series, w/ Roberto Kolter, Boston, MA, 10/10/2018

> Bard College, Imaging the Microbial World through a Macro Lens, Seminar for the Department of Biology, NY, 9/13/2018

> 12th Fiesta del Libro y la Cultura, Microbial memories: an unknown family album, Parque Explora, Medellín, Colombia, 9/8/2018

    Watch the Facebook stream from Parque Explora, live-translated in Spanish

> Universidad EAFIT, Wonders of the Microbial World, 5 year anniversary of the biology program, Medellín, Colombia, 9/7/2018

> Seminar & podcast at New England Biolabs, Imaging the Microbial World through a Macro Lens, Ipswich, MA, 8/23/2018

> Capturing & communicating the wonders of the microbial world, Microbial Diversity, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA, 8/7/2018

> Association of Medical Illustrators Conference #AMI2018: Microbes Give us Life, 7/21/2018

> MIT Museum, Bacterial Bonanza, Microbes in Motion, 5/10/2018

> Boston Bacterial Meeting, Communication & Public Engagement Panelist, 6/1/2018

> Metcalf Institute at Univ. of Rhode Island, Stunning Photographic Exploration of the Microbial World, with Roberto Kolter, 4/12/2018

> Book Talk at the Harvard/MIT Coop, 4/11/2018

> University of Connecticut,  Microbiology Club Special Seminar, 4/9/2018

> The Invisible Forces Behind Our Favorite Foods, Harvard Museum of Natural History, 3/29/2018

Watch my Facebook-live tour of the Microbial Life exhibition streamed on the  Harvard University Facebook page, 3/2018

> Harvard Museum of Natural History, Microbial Life: A Universe at the Edge of Sight, Exhibition Opening with Roberto Kolter, 02/2018 

     Watch this public lecture on the HMNH YouTube channel

     Skip to the part when I show the audience a live tardigrade

BU Microbiome Day, Life at the Edge of Sight, with Roberto Kolter, 2/2018

> Wellesley College, Wonders of the Microbial World, 2/2018

> Yale School of Medicine, Wonders of the Microbial World, with Roberto Kolter, 11/2017

> Harvard Museum of Natural History, Wonders of the Microbial World, Book Launch with Roberto Kolter, 10/2017

     Watch this public lecture on the Harvard Museum YouTube channel

> MIT Museum, Microbes, Not So Small After All.  Bacterial Bonanza, 5/2017

> MIT Microbial Systems seminar, Time-lapse, ultra-high resolution photography and 3D modeling of macroscopic microbial structures, 5/2017

> Rutgers University, Capturing and communicating the secrets of the microbial world, 4/2017

> Harvard Microbial Sciences Initiative, Chalk Talk, What is a microbe?, 4/2017

> MIT Microbiome Club, Imaging the secrets of the microbial world, 3/2017

> New England Biolabs, Microbes are Beautiful, Passion in Science Awards, 10/2016

     Watch this short talk on the NEB YouTube channel

> Olin College, The social biology of bacteria and archaea, 10/2015

> Boston Bacterial Meeting, Social motility in Haloferax volcanii as an archaeal collective behavior, 6/2015

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