Articles written for Blogs and popular press


> Chimileski, S, Kolter R. "Microbes Gave us Life," STAT, December 2017

Written as a Senior Contributor for American Society for Microbiology at

(Unlinked articles are currently unavailable due to an ongoing changes to the ASM website.)

Mystery of the Spring-Smelling Microbes, May 2016

Glimpse of an Alien World, in Yellowstone National Park, July 2016

Secrets in the Sandstone of Capitol Reef National Park, July 2016

Hey Bear! Can I Sample Your Microbiota? Aug 2016

Age of the Microzoo, co-written with Julie Wolf, Aug 2016

No Democracy for Tardigrades, November 2016

The Natural History of Cheese Mites, Dec 2016

Microscopy Meets Photography, 200 Years Later, March 2017

> Haunts of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, April 2017

Ancient Imaginations of the Microbial World, May 2017

The Mysterious Landscape, July 2017

Microbial Reefs of New York, Sept 2017

Bacterial Dyes in Fashion, Nov 2017

A Tribute to Stephen Jay Gould's Essay on the Humongous Fungus, Dec 2017

Written as a contributor for Small Things Considered

Bringing the Microbial World into our Natural History Museums, 2015

> The Microbial Life Exhibition at the Harvard Museum of Natural History, Aug 2018

> How to Build a Giant Winogradsky Column, Aug 2018

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