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Scott Chimileski, PhD

I am a microbiologist, imaging specialist and educator based in Woods Hole, MA, where I am a Research Scientist in Jessica Mark Welch's microbial ecology group at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL)From 2015 to 2019 I was a postdoctoral fellow in the Kolter Lab, within the Department of Microbiology of Harvard Medical School. During that time, Roberto Kolter and I guest curated the exhibition Microbial Life: A Universe at the Edge of Sightopen at the Harvard Museum of Natural History from February 2018 through March 2022. We also coauthored Life at the Edge of Sight: A Photographic Exploration of the Microbial World, published by Harvard University Press in 2017.

This website is a catalog of my original scientific and nature photography, with specialties in high-resolution macrophotography and timelapse of microbial colonies and biofilms. Many of my photographs were captured during travels to sites around the world where exceptional natural microbial forms flourish, such as Yellowstone National Park. Most images in this collection were captured with my DSLR camera.

To learn more about my research field and work as a biological imaging specialist, I recommend "The Beautiful Intelligence of Microbes," a multimedia feature from Quanta Magazine

My imagery has been published or broadcast by National GeographicWIRED, TIME, The Atlantic, STAT, Fast Company, NPR, The ScientistScientific AmericanSmithsonian Magazine, The Biologist, HHMI  Biointeractive, Tangled Bank Studios, Quanta Magazine, NIH Director’s Blog, WBUR Boston, Seeker, The Verge, TED Talks, and CBS Sunday Morning. 

I received a Passion in Science Award in Arts & Creativity from New England Biolabs in 2016, and FASEB BioArt awards in 20162017, and 2019Lists of publications, journal covers & image credits are on my CVSome links to interviews & articles about my work are on my press page.

Image use

Still images and animations on this website cannot be reproduced without written permission. I support educational use of my images by not-for-profit organizations, with permission and attribution. Please email  to inquire about image files for educational media, special projects, or other image uses.


For inquiries about image use or projects, please message me through this website or using the email below. (Professional inquires only please).

At the White Cliffs of Dover, UK. Natural chalk is made of  the fossils  of ancient phytoplankton.

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