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I am a microbiologist, science photographer and author based in the KolterLab at Harvard Medical School. I also handle communications for the Harvard Microbial Sciences Initiative and I am an Associate Blogger at Small Things Considered.

Roberto Kolter and I are guest curators of a new exhibition at the Harvard Museum of Natural History, Microbial Life: A Universe at the Edge of Sight, open through September 3, 2019. And we are coauthors of Life at the Edge of Sight: A Photographic Exploration of the Microbial World  (Harvard University Press, 2017).

For a multimedia feature on my imaging work and research field,  I recommend "The Beautiful Intelligence of Microbes," at Quanta Magazine

My images have been published by WIRED, TIME, The Atlantic, STAT, The Scientist, NPR, Natural History MagazineScientific AmericanSmithsonian Magazine, Fast Company, The Biologist, HHMI  Biointeractive, PNAS, Tangled Bank Studios, Quanta, the NIH Director’s Blog, WBUR Boston, Wellcome Trust, Seeker, The Verge, TED Talks, and CBS. 

I accepted a Passion in Science Award from New England Biolabs in 2016 and was a winner of FASEB's BioArt competition in 2016 and 2017

Lists of publications, journal covers & image credits are on my CV

Links to interviews & articles about my work are on my press page.

Contact & Image use

All photographs on this website are protected by copyright and cannot be used without written permission. Please email scott_chimileski@hms.harvard.edu to ask about image files or for inquires related to other image uses.

I  have a Creative Commons gallery where some of my images can be immediately downloaded for educational use with attribution. 

At the White Cliffs of Dover, UK. Natural chalk is made of  the fossils  of ancient phytoplankton.

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